Sallie Barnes, Deputy Head of Community and Accommodation Services

I joined Solace in 2017 as a caseworker after a stint working for a Citizens Advice Bureau. As a self-described ‘grumpy feminist’ it was evident from my advice work that domestic abuse was endemic, and that its consequences were (and still are) widespread and devastating. By joining Solace I hoped to be part of a team that worked to end violence against women and girls, and through my years of working here I am certain that we, as a collective, work to achieve that aim daily.

Within my time at Solace I have worked in myriad roles, giving me insight into the multiple services we have that support survivors of domestic and sexual violence. As Deputy Head of Service, I support the Heads of both the accommodation and community services to ensure that our service users are supported to the best of our team’s abilities. Everyday in this role I am motivated by the dedication of the staff in our organisation, and their commitment to supporting women and children.”