Our strategy and impact

Women and girls are experiencing violence and abuse right now.

  • 1 in 3 women will experience abuse in their lifetime. 
  • 85,000 women are raped in England and Wales every year. 
  • 1 in 4 children and young people experienced physical abuse over the year.
  • 1 in 10 of all recorded offences in London are domestic abuse related.

Our Strategy

Solace futures – Our strategy for 2022-27

In March 2022, Solace launched our new strategy “Solace Futures – Safety, Support & Recovery from all forms of abuse. 

Solace Futures is designed to deliver our strategic vision for the next five years.  We are building on Solace’s 46 years of providing specialist, holistic support services for women and children. We are ambitious and want to drive change at every level to ensure that everyone lives healthy and independent lives free from violence, abuse and exploitation.  The strategy was developed following a series of workshops with staff and service users and includes our new vision, mission and values.

In the strategy, we have identified 6 six key strategic objectives to achieve our vision and mission over the next five years:   

S – Strategic Influencing, Partnerships & Leadership  

O – Organisational Development & Growth   

L – Long-term Recovery and & Lasting Change  

A – Accessibility, Education & Employment  

C – Children & Young People  

E – Empowerment, Engagement & Aspirations  

These objectives will also be underpinned by three intersecting principles: intersectional feminism, partnerships & collaboration and being service user and evidence led.

Solace Futures: Safety, Support & Recovery from all Forms of Abuse

Our Impact

We work tirelessly to ensure that every woman and child can live safe lives, free from violence and abuse. 

  • Our work touched the lives of 29,205 people 
  • We supported 14,465 adults and children in our frontline services 
  • Solace runs 22 refuges with space for 178 rooms for women and children
  • 97% reported that the service met or exceeded their expectations 
  • 93% of service users rated Solace services as excellent or good
  • 69% of service users said that the service helped them to feel safer
  • Our Accommodation service supported 1,049 women
  • 51% of those that used our Multiple Disadvantage service had accessed various health services and were better able to manage
  • Our Rape Crisis service supported 538 women
  • Our Advice and Support service supported 10,689 women
  • Our Children and Young People service supported 9,610 children and young people in the community
  • Our Therapeutic service provided 854 group sessions
  • Our volunteers contributed 4,588 hours of voluntary support

(All figures above are based on our work in 2021/22).

Read the full Impact Report here