Corporate support

Corporate Volunteer team at refuge

At Solace we know that domestic violence can affect anyone.

Make London a safe place to live and work. Show London that you stand against domestic and sexual abuse. Stand with Solace.

She works with you 

When you fundraise for Solace, your fundraising will help women who are your colleagues, the women at work. 

You may know if someone who is struggling to cope with abuse at home, or are living with the aftermath of sexual violence. But you might not. With 18300 women being raped every year in London, it could happen to someone you know.

If you want to fundraise at work, download our pack and help us end domestic violence today. 

You can help us make London a safer city for women and girls to live and work in.    

She works for you

If you are a socially committed company who cares about what is happening in the wider community, why not support Solace Women’s Aid?

Your company can help create a safer London for the women and children who survive domestic and sexual violence. Every year we support over 11000 survivors every year, but we need your support to reach more women. 18300 women are raped in London every, and they will all need to support to move and recover from the trauma they’ve experienced. 

You may not be aware that the women you work with are experiencing domestic abuse or are living with the aftermath of sexual assault. They are hidden amount the 4.4 million women in London. We support them from crisis to recovery to independence. 

You can help Solace by: 
•    Helping us become you Charity of the Year
•    Making a  corporate donation 
•    Pro bono support like our amazing volunteer days; find out more
•    Encouraging Payroll Giving

With your companies support we can get closer to a future free from domestic and sexual abuse. We can end it. 

Payroll Giving allows yours employers to donate directly from their salaries or pension to their charity of choice. It costs the employee less to give more, as they donate before tax. Therefore, increasing your employee’s well-being as they can give back to a charity that is important to them.  

If you currently have a Payroll Giving scheme why not encourage your staff to give to Solace, inspiring them to support the women and children of London who are trying to rebuild their lives after domestic abuse. 

If not? It’s time to sign up! We would recommend using CAF Give as you Earn scheme, as it is easy to use and allows your employer to get involved.

Find out more about CAF Give as you Earn

Transform a refuge while bringing your team together.

You can volunteer at one of Solace’s sites as a corporate volunteering team. 

A one day session, 9:30am – 4:30pm, as a group of about 15 your company can come and renovate one of our sites. You might be painting the playroom to make sure the kids feel comfortable and able to relax, or gardening so they can play summer. 

With 19 refuges housing 700 women and children every year we need you to help us make sure they are as home, not just a room. 

What you need to do?

  • Fundraise or donate £300 to cover the costs of materials for the day per 15 volunteers
  • Choose a Friday in the year that you want to do 

Our corporate volunteers are essential to ensuring that our refuges are homes; a safe, happy place for women and children to recover from domestic abuse.

Email the fundraising team about corporate volunteering now