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Labyrinth Project Grants Application Form (Grants up to £25k)

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* Please read
before starting your application. Labyrinth Logo


to your application for the Empowering Women Fund. 


Empowering Women Fund, part of the Labyrinth Project, is a Department
for Culture, Media and Sport Tampon Tax funded grant scheme led by Solace
Women’s Aid (Solace).


The scheme
aims to address the need for more joined-up, holistic, women-centred services
to respond to the range of issues in women’s lives, which have been intensified
by the Covid-19 pandemic. These include violence against women and
girls, financial, employment and legal
issues. Grants will be available in England, Scotland & Northern


The priority
for the grant scheme is to build the capacity and support
sustainability of the women’s sector for the future. The Labyrinth project
aims to help women get to an empowered position, through providing holistic wide-ranging support which
is needs led and service user focussed, placing women at the centre of
their own interventions. 


The grant
scheme will be divided into two strands: 

  • Seed funding grants from
    £500 to £1,000. 
  • Women Sector grants
    which will be split into small grants from £1,000 to £5,000
    and large grants from £5,000 to £25,000. 

Solace aims to
embed equality, diversity and inclusion (ED&I) in all that we do and
support a system that is inclusive for everyone. We are committed to equal
access to opportunity and believe all women should have the opportunity
to benefit from the available funding, regardless of age, class,
disability, ethnicity, faith, income or sexuality.  We particularly
welcome applications from marginalised communities. Detailed
information can be found in the guidance on the types of women’s groups and
organisations that can apply. 


deadline for round one applications is 5pm on Friday 28th May
2021. We are
unable to accept applications after this time
. There will be
two rounds of funding available.

If you are applying as part of a partnership the
application form should be completed by the lead partner. Partnership
applications are only possible for the Women Sector grants. 


We will aim
to let you know if your application has been shortlisted by the end of
July 2021. We will let shortlisted applicants know if their application has
been successful by September 2021.  


ensure you read the guidance before starting the application form. If you would
like further guidance or support to make an application, please contact  labyrinth@solacewomensaid.org


When you
have completed and submitted the online application, you will receive
an email version of your application with confirmation that we have received

Pre-Application Eligibility Quiz

If you tick 'No' you are not eligible to apply.

If you tick 'No' you are not eligible to apply.

If you tick 'Yes' you are not eligible to apply.

We define ‘led by’ as when more than 75% of an organisation’s Trustees are women and more than 50% of staff members (including senior) are women. If you tick 'No' you are not eligible to apply.

Labyrinth Project Grant

We define ‘led by’ as when more than 75% of an organisation’s trustees are people with lived experience, and more than 50% of staff members (including senior) are people with lived experience.

Your Details

Organisation Address

Primary Contact for this grant

Secondary Contact for this grant
We ask for two contacts in case we need to get in touch and one of you is away or ill.

Your Organisation

This information will help us understand the needs across England, Northern Ireland and Scotland and get grants to the places that need them most.

Financial Information

Funding Request

Please tell us why this work is needed, what you plan to do (be specific about activities e.g. if you plan to deliver workshops, tell us how many) and the difference you hope to make for the women you support.

For example, x number of women served with this funding or attended 15 sessions.

For example, 15 x will have financial independence, this will be recorded from short survey.

By targeted we mean more than 75% of the funding will benefit a particular group.

For example, if you are applying to provide counselling services, you will need to tell us what qualifications your counsellors have and the clinical supervision you have in place.

The project can only take place in one of the three nations and funding can not be spread between nations.


Note that grants are to cover a maximum of 12
months of costs and are up to a maximum of £25k.  If your request is for more than £25k, your
application will not be reviewed by funders. 

Seed funding grants are up to £1K. 

Note that your answer must match the total in your budget.

Please provide a breakdown of your funding request.

ensure you have checked what can the funding be used for in the guidance.
Please provide an appropriate amount of detail – if you provide only one item
and cost, with no breakdown, your application is less likely to be funded. The
higher the total cost, the more detail you should provide. 

For staff costs,
please break down as salary (pro rata) with number of hours/week and number of
weeks OR hourly rate x number of hours per week x number of weeks.

Budget notes: add notes that
explain each cost you have identified. 

any salaries listed, tell us whether each post is a current or new post.  

Information to upload / additional information to provide

Please note, the total upload limit is 35MB.

If you do not upload all the documents required to support your application, then your application will not be reviewed by funders.

For example, your Constitution

Your most recent annual accounts, OR, if your organisation is less than a year old, your most recent management accounts (or whatever document you use to keep track of the money the organisation receives and the money it spends).

Please include If your organisation is constituted but not registered. They should not be related to each other.

Reference 1

Reference 2

Please include if you work directly with service users.

In order to pay your grant (if successful),
your funder will need your organisation’s bank account details showing
organisation name, address, sort code and account number in the form of a
recent statement (last 3 months). Your bank account name must match your organisation’s
legal name as listed above. This should take the form of one of the following:

Please include if you have access to this, with transactions redacted.


Privacy Notice 


Women’s Aid is a data controller under data protection law of the personal
data provided through the application form and any further personal data
collected on applicants and approved grantees. Should you have any questions
about how personal data is used by the funders, in the first instance please
contact us at labyrinth@solacewomensaid.org.  


information will be processed in compliance with the Data Protection Act 2018,
the General Data Protection Regulation and any other relevant data
protection legislation.  


Women’s Aid do not share or trade personal data with third parties for
commercial purposes and will only process your personal data as required or
permitted by law.  


we will use your personal data  


personal data we will collect includes the name and contact details of grant
applicants and any other relevant biographical information we request for the
purposes of managing your grant application. This information will be shared
with the Grants Panel. We will process the personal data you provide for
the purposes of: 

  • Administering your
    grant application, on the legal basis that this process is necessary for
    carrying out our legitimate interests of assessing your application, carrying
    out grant due diligence, and processing grant payments, grant variations, grant
    monitoring and reporting;
  • Activities
    that assist in the prevention of fraud, dishonesty, malpractice or similar, on
    the legal basis that those activities are in the (substantial) public interest;
  • Activities connected
    with raising awareness about the Labyrinth Project (but on an anonymous or
    pseudonymous basis); and
  • Analysis
    and learning about grant-making to improve our understanding of fundraising
    (but on an anonymous or pseudonymous basis wherever possible), on the legal
    basis that this process is necessary for carrying out our legitimate interests
    of supporting the aims of Solace. 

share your personal data with third parties when required for the purposes of
determining, preventing or detecting crime; or ensuring that no organisation is
receiving duplicate funding; or the validation of contracts; or where the
sharing is otherwise required or permitted by law. This means sharing data with
bodies including funders, external consultants and external
auditors, police and other relevant regulatory bodies, and all
sharing is undertaken in a secure manner.  


data is shared with our ‘Data Processors’ who are companies such as software
providers who can access your data through the work they carry out for Solace.
Their access to your data is controlled and governed by a legal contract.


Your data
is held securely, and only for as long as we have a legal reason to retain it. Some retention periods are based on legal
requirements while others take into account practical needs to keep the data. Once
the applicable retention period expires, unless we are legally required to keep
the data longer, or there are important and justifiable reasons why we should
keep it, we will securely delete the data.

You have rights under data
protection law related to your personal data. You
have the right to:

  • be informed about how and why your personal
    data is processed, which we do by providing this Privacy Notice;  
  • ask for copies of the personal data we hold
    about you, which is sometimes known as making a Data Subject Access Request, or
    DSAR or SAR;
  • ask for any inaccuracies in your personal data
    to be corrected;
  • ask to have some, or all, of your personal
    data erased, also known as the right to be forgotten, and we will erase your
    data on request where we have no lawful reason for retaining it;
  • ask us to restrict our processing of your
    personal data, in some circumstances, which means you can ask us to stop using
    it but not erase it;
  • object to your personal data being processed
    in some circumstances;
  • have personal data that you have provided to
    us provided back to you in a format which can easily be transferred to another
    party, where the data is being processed based on your consent or for a
    contract, and is being processed by electronic means; and  
  • the right not to be subjected to a fully
    automated decision-making process (i.e. a system generated decision without any
    human input), where the outcome has a legal or similarly significant effect on
    the individual concerned.

If you have any questions or concerns about
this privacy policy and our privacy practices or if you wish to exercise any of
your data rights or to file a complaint, please contact our Data Protection
Officer by emailing dpo@solacewomensaid.org.


You have the right to lodge a complaint with
the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) if you believe your data has been
processed in a way that does not comply with the GDPR. You can do so by calling
the ICO helpline on 0303 123 1113 or via their website: https://ico.org.uk


further information about how Solace Women’s Aid uses personal data please
see: www.solacewomensaid.org/privacy-policy