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Family Rights Group provides advice to parents, grandparents, other relatives and friends about their rights and options when social workers or courts make decisions about their children's welfare.
They provide factsheets on their website about Children's Social Care issues.

FORWARD (Foundation for Women's Health Research and Development) is the African women-led organisation working to end violence against women and girls, from female genital mutilation and child marriage to domestic and sexual violence.
FORWARD provides: one-to-one emotional support, counselling, group support, help to access FGM specialist clinics, coffee mornings and advice and support.

Galop run the National LGBT+ Domestic Abuse Helpline which provides emotional and practical support for LGBT+ people experiencing domestic abuse. Abuse isn’t always physical - it can be psychological, emotional, financial and sexual too.
Galop also provide advice, support and advocacy to LGBT+ people who have experienced hate crime and sexual violence as well as domestic abuse.

Gingerbread campaigns for better rights for single-parent families so that their children are not disadvantaged and do not experience poverty and isolation.
Gingerbread offers a free telephone advice line for single parents, a membership scheme with over 10,000 members with access to local self-help groups, online forums, training opportunities and events, and regular information about discounts on services and goods, days out and events.

Greenwich Domestic Violence and Abuse Services (GDVA) is the main source of free help and information for people who live in the borough and are experiencing domestic abuse.
GDVA can provide you with services including such as advice and support, advocacy, refuge accommodation
and support for children.

Hackney Council run the Hackney Domestic Abuse Intervention Service for survivors of domestic abuse in Hackney. We’ll listen to you, assess how safe you are, provide information and support on your legal and housing rights, support you if you go to court, help you to obtain legal protection and work with you and other professionals to help make you safer.

Hackney Migrant Centre runs a weekly drop-in advice service with the help of volunteers and professional advisers.
Visitors to the service receive initial immigration, housing and welfare advice; as well as advice on accessing a GP and dealing with charges for hospital care. Outside the drop-in, they charity works with visitors to resolve the problems facing them.

The project works with a range of women survivors of domestic abuse, supporting them through work readiness, training and employment. The programme is flexible, allowing women to pause and re-join as their situation changes.

We support a range of women including women with no recourse to public funds, to get into a position that they can work. The project also encourages women who are currently in receipt of benefits to access the programme.

  • Assess your risk level
  • Develop a safety and support plan to address immediate safety and to identify your needs to support you into work
  • Provide advice and support
  •  Advocate on your behalf
  • Individual tailored workshops
  • Offer needs led peer support

Referral process

Service users can refer themselves to the employment programme by calling 02038745013 or emailing [email protected]

A referral can also be made by a professional to [email protected], however, this needs to be done with the service user’s full consent.

Haringey Employment Programme Leaflet

Haringey Refuges provide specialist and safe temporary accommodation for up to six months in the form of 15 units of refuge accommodation across 2 sites for women and their children who are in crisis/risk of harm and have low to medium support needs. We can accept boys up to 13 years at the manager's discretion. 

Services offered: Tenancy and Resettlement support, Emotional, Practical and Financial support, Parenting support, Trauma-Informed support.

Refuge Leaflet 

Havering Women's Aid are an organisation based in Havering that offer floating support to both men or women affected by domestic abuse and violence. Support is available to people aged 16 plus who are resident of Havering. Support includes safety planning with agreed outcomes, specialist information and advice, access to their one-to-one counselling, and group courses such as the Freedom Programme.