Social Impact Report: Ascent Advice & Counselling

The Social Impact Report 2015 shows that Ascent Advice and Counselling (A&C) has generated real social value for the people of London in the first 2 years of its operation, providing valuable services to over 24,000 women and girls affected by violence across every London borough. It also provides a platform for further learning to ensure all women and girls have the best possible support and clear choices and pathways to aid their safety, well-being and recovery.

Between April 2013 and March 2015 Ascent A&C provided free, confidential advice and counselling services in every London borough. The Partnership supported 24,206 women and girls who had experienced, or were at risk of, domestic and sexual violence, generating a Social Value of £26,992,554. This equates to £5.99 for every pound invested through improved outcomes for service users.

Over the course of 2 years Ascent A&C has produced significant social value primarily in the form of outcomes for the women and girls supported; the additional capacity produced for organisations working with the Partnership; the reduced burden on other agencies and the added value created for boroughs and commissioners. Stakeholder views, in particular the views of service users, have also produced recommendations for future monitoring and data collection, ways in which Ascent A&C could increase its social value further and for the future of Pan-London services.