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Welcome to our Champions Network

The aim of the network is to provide training to people and organisations who want to be able to give support to women experiencing and domestic abuse and sexual violence and to raise awareness. 

You might want to join as part of your role at work, community group, women’s organisation or perhaps you are an individual who believes, like us, that no woman should experience violence and abuse. You might be a survivor or know someone who is affected and would like to understand how to safely give support. 

Whatever your reason the champions training programme and network will give you the confidence and knowledge to do that. 

What’s the issue?

Domestic and sexual violence and abuse affects women in our lives, community and workplaces. We often don’t see or hear about it – but it’s happening every day.  

  • One quarter of women (26%) aged 16+ experience domestic abuse at some point in their lives
  • Two women are killed a week by a current or ex-partner
  • In the year to September 2017 over 155,000  domestic crimes were reported in London 
  • Violence affects women across all communities

Become a Solace Champion

To become a Solace Champion you will need to complete a three-day training course or to join the network, you will need to complete a one-day domestic abuse course, giving you access to our Champions Network events to meet, share information, get updates from the sector and be aware of further learning and development opportunities. 

If as part of your job you work with women and children we would particularly welcome you joining the Solace London Champions Network. We are keen that professionals sign up particularly if you work in sectors such as health or social care, police service, substance misuse or housing. You might also be an HR professional and want to ensure that you have employee Champions and develop your domestic abuse and sexual violence policy and procedures.

Contact us to find out more

We look forward to hearing from you because together we can make a real difference to the lives of women and children in London.

To find out more about the network and our Champions training contact Carrie Magee at

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