Great Wall of China Trek

Supporters walking along the Great Wall of China

Nine days of fantastic hiking along the Great Wall of China!

With Global Adventure Challenges you can take on the challenge of a lifetime. The challenge takes over watch towers and mountains, through battlements. This trek is a huge challenge, with some truly hard sections up and down each day. You get the chance to conquer the 1000 steps up the wall at Mutainyu, ending with the ‘Heavenly Ladder’.  Receive support from both Global Adventure Challenges and Solace to ensure you are ready for the challenge of a life time!

Conquer twists, turns, steps and slopes of this formidable site in support of Solace!

Payment and Fundraising Information

Option A: You pay a registration fee upfront and then agree to raise a minimum sponsorship amount for Solace. Solace with then pay the rest of your registration costs. 

Option B: You pay the registration fee upfront, same as above, and agree to pay the outstanding balance at least 4 weeks before the challenge. Then you can raise however much you like! 

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11th - 19th May 2019