Solace 40 Yoga with Jill Patterson

Solace 40 yoga with Jill Patterson

Support your body and mind throughout our #Solace40 challenge with qualified yoga instructor, Jill Patterson. 

- Yoga for Fitness, 11th January 7.30pm (Zoom): Taking some time out to stretch the places that will be feeling the burn will really help to maintain your fitness and achieve the goal of 40 miles! Come to this yoga class designed to target your hips, thighs, knees and calves. In this one hour class you will have space to unwind after your workout and relax muscle tension.

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- Yin Yoga 25th January 7.30pm (Zoom): Being able to process our experiences in an embodied way helps us to let go of the anxiety and loss of trauma. Each breath is an opportunity for us to reconnect with ourselves and nurture any pain we've experienced. This 1 hour 15 mins slow yoga class is designed to gently soothe your body/mind and give you some space to rest and recover.

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11th - 25th January 2021