I want my school to make a change

Do you know the scale of sexual harassment at school?

82% of girls and young women aged 13-21 faced some form of sexual harassment in a public place in the last year, more than ½ of these happening at school or college. 

Your school or university group can take a stand and say no to violence against women and girls. 

When you fundraise for Solace you are can help women and girls rebuild their lives after abuse while also sending a message saying abuse will not be tolerated. 

Betsy & Hanna held a doughnut sale at their school to celebrate Hanukah and raised over £111 making a huge difference to our support for women and children during Christmas. Thanks to them 2 of our refuges could have an End of Year party celebrating their residents in 2018! 

Be like Betsy and Hanna, think of something you could do at your school to fundraise:

  • Hold a bake sale 
  • Organise a dress up day or fashion show (we suggest Feminist themed, check out our feminist fundraising pack) 
  • Have a talent show
  • Or have Solace come and talk about domestic abuse and sexual violence at school. Email Jessie now to arrange a date. 

Or, if you are in Islington or Haringey then you may want to talk to Hear 2 Change who can work directly with young people talking about healthy relationships in school.