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In every community women and children are living with abuse. Help us be there when they need us the most.

Solace supports over 16,000 women and children across all our services, but we know there are many more who need our help across all communities. 

There is no typical survivor of abuse, it affects individuals from all backgrounds and circumstances. It is ever-present in every community in London. Solace grew from community roots. Women coming together to support those affected by  domestic abuse and sexual violence. The services we provide are always borough specific and work for the individual needs of the community. 

We need your support to make sure all the women and children in your borough, your community, can find safety and support. Like most community action we cannot do it alone.

Here is how one community group gave their support: 
St Johns Church Dulwich invited us to talk at the services last October and to do a collection in aid of us. Thank you to their congregation for donating an amazing £663.53!

Working with different communities across London ensures we can support women and children in the way they need, and is also key to make sure they can find us when they need to.

Some suggestions on how your community group can help:

  • Why not hold your own event? A themed evening, a sponsored walk or a simple cake sale can make a huge difference.
  • Choose Solace as you Charity of the Year; you may hold events such as quiz nights, golf days or charity matches! 
  • Check out one of our challenge events and take part in one 
  • Have us come along to and talk about what Solace do, to raise awareness or do a small collection or, talk simply ask for some some posters and leaflets to put in your centre 

We could also come and do our Positive Bystander training with your community group, teaching members what to do when they notice any situation and want to intervene (there is a cost associated).  

If you are interested in learning more about how we can work with your community group email Jessie to talk about it.

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