Swim for Solace

Swim for Survivors, Swim for Yourself...#SwimforSolace


Join us this June for our very first swimming challenge! Swim throughout June to help us raise funds and awareness of male violence against women. Whether it’s in your local lido or the crisp British sea, get swimming to support women.

Research has shown that on average, a woman is assaulted 35 times before the police are called (LWA). That's 35 too many. Domestic abuse is a cycle of behaviour and a cycle of violence. The repetition of events only makes it harder for someone to leave, get the help they need and the support they deserve. This June, you can help end this cycle.

Services like ours are vital to ensure long-lasting support is offered to ensure women don’t experience abuse again. For Solace, this means being able to provide accommodation to those fleeing their home, therapeutic services to help overcome years of trauma, support navigating their legal and housing options and advocating for local and national change through the laws that should protect all women and girls.

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Swim 35 lengths
Swim 35 km
Swim for 35 minutes


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Simply select "Start Fundraising" from the Swim for Solace campaign and the funds will go directly to us...no tricky admin needed. Then create your fundraising page detailing your event, why you chose to raise money for us and any pictures/videos you have.

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Swim for survivors, swim for yourself

This repeated experience of abuse and trauma has a significant impact on women and children's mental health. This is why we also want to use this campaign to highlight the importance of swimming on mental wellbeing. If you have some fantastic shots of your favourite pool or you in your local lido, send it in to [email protected] with a brief description of why you love swimming and how it's helped you.

Check out these benefits of swimming

1. Releases feel good hormones

Like all exercise, swimming releases endorphins in your brain. These are the hormones that can help to increase positivity and bring about a sense of wellbeing and happiness. Studies have also shown that swimming can help relieve chronic stress.

2. Boosts brain health

One study has found that just being in water increases the blood flow to the brain.

3. Outdoor swimming benefits

A study has found that cold water swimming may also be an effective treatment for depression.

4. Soothes your mind and reduces anxiety

It’s thought that swimming is a particularly good way to relax your body, soothe your mind and reduce anxiety. Research has shown that people who live closer to the coast have also reported higher levels of good health and wellbeing.

5. The calming effect of the colour blue

‘Biophilia’ is a term that means love of nature. It refers to our inbuilt desire to be near and connected with nature. This phenomenon may explain why we feel positive and happy when we’re by the sea or near water which is sometimes referred to a ‘Blue Mind’,

6. Helps regulate your breathing

This ties into the calming factors associated with swimming. Regulating your breathing can help reduce the sense of panic and relax your heart.

7. Low impact exercise

This low impact routine makes swimming incredibly accessible to people of all abilities.

Join in the wonderful sensation of a calming swim whilst making a life-changing difference to survivors. For any questions please contact our team at [email protected].

Do you work in a local lido or leisure centre? Download our Swim for Solace leaflet below and put it on display, helping us spread the word about our challenge. 


Research tells us that Domestic Abuse has more repeat victims than any other crime - on average there will have been 35 assaults before a victim calls the police. That’s 35 too many. By swimming for us you can raise awareness and funds to help us to support women and girls to recover from abuse.

Go for it! The beauty of this challenge is that you can make it your own. Go at your own pace and choose an achievable goal that works for you. Perhaps you do 35minutes a week, or 35lengths a day...or for the really ambitious 35 lidos in a month! 

Every £1 raised supports Solace to run our life-saving services. Your money means we can continue to answer the phone to women in need, get families into safe refuge accommodation and provide vital therapeutic trauma recovery support. 

It’s easy! All you need to do is follow the link here to setup your JustGiving page. Click "Start Fundraising" and follow the instructions to create your page.

Once you’ve created your JustGiving page start shouting about it! Tell your friends/family/colleagues/neighbours all about your challenge and why you’re taking part, asking them for donations. Sharing your page on your social media channels is the easiest, quickest way to tell everyone about your fundraiser. 

Add progress updates to your JustGiving page to let your supporters know how you’re getting on. You can even connect your Strava account to track those swims. 

For extra motivation, you could ask to be sponsored per length or per swim. For example, XX will donate £1 for every length you complete. 

Yes absolutely! In order for you all to receive your Solace swim packs, we recommend you sign up with us individually. However, you can then make a team JustGiving page to pool your fundraising efforts. More information on the different team pages you can create can be found here