Harry's Story

Harry, a family torn apart by domestic abuse

Harry is a 6 year old boy who was forced to flee his home with mum Jess, leaving his beloved dog, Scruff, behind. Here is his story. 

6 months ago we had to move to refuge. I couldn’t take anything with me, not even my dog, Scruff. There were lots of scary things happening at home, my dad was hurting my mum a lot. One day she seemed really scared and said it’s time to go. 

I haven’t been home since. 

Before coming to refuge I felt very nervous but I liked it there because I felt safe and no one was shouting.  It was actually quite fun living there, there was a family support worker who organised lots of games to play and I could talk to her about things that happened at home.

When Mum and I started to feel better Solace helped us find a new home and they are still helping us. 

Mum says I will need to keep seeing my family support worker for a while, which is good because she helps me know how not to feel angry or sad. I have started a new school and made some new friends.  I am enjoying playing football and playing with Scruff.   It’s good to feel safe and see my Mum smile again. 

  • This year 754 women and their children were given safe accommodation at one of our 19 refuges in London
  • This year Solace supported 2304 children and young people to build stronger, safer futures. 

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