Jess's Story

Jess, a mother who had to flee her home due to domestic abuse

Jess and her son Harry were forced to flee their home, leaving everything including their beloved dog, Scruff, behind. Here is her story.

My abuse started when I found out I was pregnant, I thought my partner would be excited but instead he started to control what I did, who I saw and even what I wore. He stopped letting me be me. Over time things became worse and the abuse escalated from shouting to violence.  

When my son Harry started to grow up, I began to think I should leave, but I no longer had anyone to turn to. He had completely isolated me. 

One day it got worse than I ever imagined.

That day, after 6 years, I managed to call Solace. The woman who answered the phone really listened to me and that gave me hope. I felt I could talk to her about everything I had been through. 

She helped me realise just how much danger I was in and that I needed to get Harry and I to a place of safety. She helped us escape to a refuge and I am forever grateful.

Every day there is a new challenge but Solace are still there to support us. When Harry and Scruff were reunited it was the best day. Solace, I will never forget what I have had from you.

Because of you I feel more confident, sure about myself and our future. Finally we are free and ready to start again, together. 

  • Each week we take over 200 calls to our advice line from women seeking support.
  • 2 women are killed every week by a partner or ex-partner in England and Wales.

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