Leave a Legacy

A gift from you in your will to Solace Women’s Aid will enable us to support many more women and children who need your help. 

After you’ve taken care of the people closest to you, a small gift in your will could make a huge difference to us, ensuring that we are always here to meet the needs of the most vulnerable women experiencing abuse and sexual violence, and the children who depend on them.  

Some of the ways it would help
•    Secure the future of our refuges making sure there is always a safe place when women need to flee from violence. 
•    Enable our counselling service to continue to help women recover from the trauma of abuse or sexual violence. 
•    Give children the chance to do more than survive childhood trauma but regain their lost childhood and overcome lasting damage that abuse and loss causes
You can make a will for free at Farewill when you name Solace Women’s Aid in your will.  
They will ask you a few simple questions that allow Farewill to create your will. This usually takes people about 15 minutes, and there’s also live chat and phone support on hand.
Alternatively, you may already have a solicitor but you will incur a fee. If you do make your will via a solicitor please don’t forget to include the full name of the charity (Solace Women’s Aid) and our Charity Registration Number (1082450).
Thank you. We really do appreciate every gift we receive. 
If you would like any other information or to discuss leaving a legacy to Solace Women’s Aid, please contact [email protected]

For you information
There are four main types of legacy that you could consider leaving: 
•    Pecuniary Gift – a specific sum of money left to us in your will
•    Residuary Gift – a gift of the remainder of an estate after all other beneficiaries have been provided for
•    Specific Request – a gift of a named item – for example, a painting or jewellery
•    Contingent benefit – a gift that is dependent on other factors, such as the donor outliving all other beneficiaries

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