95% rate Solace as good or excellent in annual service user survey

Each October, we carry out a survey that's open to everyone we’re supporting, to find out what is working well and where we could improve. In 2017, 418 service users completed the survey, 83 more than the previous year. We have now analysed their answers and some of the key findings are below.

  • Overall, 96% of service users said they would recommend Solace to a friend or relative; 95% rated us as good or excellent; and 98% reported that their key worker was a good listener and easy to talk to.
  • 93% of service users said we helped them to feel safer, and 90% reported feeling more confident.
  • Our North London Rape Crisis service was particularly well thought-of – all the women who completed the survey said they would recommend the service to a friend or relative.
  • Another strength was our specialist services such as the Silver Project which supports women over 55 and the Amari Project for survivors of sexual exploitation. All the women who filled in the survey for these projects said they would recommend them to a friend or relative and that their worker was easy to talk to.
  • While the majority of those who filled in the survey (80%) said they found it easy or very easy to make contact with the service supporting them, we scored lower in this area than in some others.
  • Several women said that they would have liked to access our services sooner or have support for a longer time.

“Solace has helped me begin changing my life and become the person I want to be.”
– Amari Project service user

What we will do with this information:

  • We are redesigning our website to make it easier for people to find their way to the support they need.
  • We are working hard on raising more money so that we can support women as soon as they make contact. We have recently launched the Stand Together with Naomi campaign to raise £50000 for support services to survivors of rape and sexual violence. You can read more about the campaign or make a donation here.