Celebrating International Day of the Girl

Last week Solace were proud to participate in the fantastic Women Of the World (WOW) festival to celebrate the International day of the Girl.

Having a day to champion girls is both necessary and important due to the many subtle ways women are excluded from leadership positions and opportunities for development in their careers. No longer can we accept the long-standing myth that low representation of women at the top is solely due to work being incompatible with family. The idea that women are not welcome starts from a young age, and WOW are doing fantastic work to dispel these attitudes, creating new role models and aspirations where perhaps there might not have been.

On Thursday WOW hosted a speed mentoring event, designed to build a confident, capable and inspired generation of women. One hundred and fifty girls from schools across London and further afield descended on the London Eye where they spent the day speaking to mentors as they rotated in the sky. Our very own Jane Jutsum, Director of Development at Solace was selected to be one of the mentors, sharing not only her sharp business acumen and sage development advice, but also the vital importance of demanding equal opportunities and believing in one’s own potential.

“To live your best life we want you to be informed, prepared, strong and safe because you can do anything.”


The results were inspiring. Jane came back buzzing with energy, excited about the young women she had met and the ideas they brought to their pod. Feedback from WOW told us the girls had expressed their gratitude at having the chance to explore further who they are and who they want to be and felt empowered to achieve this in the future.

Here at Solace we have POW!

To continue this important work, here at Solace we have ‘Protect Our Women’ (POW). POW is an interactive educational training programme we developed at Solace in consultation with young people in London.  It focuses on raising awareness of the 8 strands of violence against women and girls so that they can learn to recognise the signs of abuse and protect themselves and their futures. POW covers:

•    Domestic abuse
•    Sexual violence
•    Stalking
•    Violence against Women and Girls & the Media
•    Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)
•    Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
•    Forced marriage
•     ‘Honour’-based violence (HBV)


It is vital that young people are educated on violence against women and girls if we are to change attitudes, behaviours and futures.  Why not invite POW (Protect Our Women) into your school today and #MakeChangeHappen.

While we are talking girls… our fantastic Hear2Change young people are holding a youth conference called ‘Let’s Talk Boys, Boys Let’s Talk’ on Oct 25 , an inspiring evening of entertainment as well as debates on gender stereotypes and how to challenge them.  Free tickets here.

To find out more about WOW visit their website here.