Exciting new project led by young people. Young Change Makers.

We are excited to announce a new initiative for young people who are taking part in one of three projects we are delivering. Young people will be invited from our Protect Our Women (PoW), Hear2Change, and Whole Schools Approach projects to become our next generation of young people to make change happen.

We are excited to launch our new project led by young people, Young Change Makers.

The young people will take part in a range of activities including an exciting Change Maker residential action centred learning programme with UK youth. Giving inner London young people the space to breath and get active in the outdoors. This exposure to new experiences is vital to give these young people the change to interact with others and take responsibility for themselves away from home.

Our Young Change Makers programme is designed to help young people gain confidence and thus help us to fully achieve every young persons' outcomes, including:

  • Team activities that focus on resolving problems
  • High rope courses and other wilderness exploring activities
  • Water sports such as canoeing and kayaking
  • Evening activities to de-stress and bring the Change Makers together
Young Change Makers and domestic abuse

The Solace team will conduct group work so they can learn more about the impacts of domestic abuse and the importance of relationships. Many of the young people Solace works with have grown up in a community where abuse is normalised, accepted and tolerated The residential will give them the opportunity to have open and honest conversations about gender stereotypes, sexual consent and difference forms of Violence Against Women and Girls in the world. Our Young Change Makers will also have the chance to gain AQA accredited training - Champions for Change.

Each residential group will create an action plan on how they will work with their communities to reduce the stigma around abuse and promote safe relationships. They will be supported to put this action in place throughout their communities and at school

The Young Change Makers will also develop a social media campaign to extend reach which will be launched at a youth conference, that they plan and lead, to ensure their message reaches young people across London.