Solace launches new campaign to raise funds for digital services

On the 1st October, at the University Women’s Club, friends of Solace Women’s Aid and survivors they have supported gathered to launch a new microsite. It is dedicated to raising funds and awareness of #Solacefutures at; a new campaign to raise vital funds to transform its service through an ambitious technology programme.  The microsite will be used as a vehicle to generate the £500,000 needed to complete the programme of work over the next three years.

Never before has there been so much pressure on services for women and children of domestic violence and sexual abuse in the capital.  Last year alone 78,814 cases of domestic abuse were reported and the Metropolitan Police received an emergency call relating to domestic abuse every 30 seconds .  As a result demand for women’s services across the capital grew by 83% .

Solace supported nearly 23,000 women and children through its services, of which 752 were provided safe beds in their refuges last year. This number has doubled in the last 5 years and it is estimated will increase to 50,000 by 2024. Solace answered 13,455 calls and emails through its helpline last year but there is an urgent need to enable more people to connect digitally.

Jane Jutsum, Campaign Sponsor, Director of Business Development, said:

“We believe that technology is the gateway to supporting more, younger and harder to reach women and children in our communities.  We live in a digital world and the younger generations, the digital natives, have to be able to connect to our services in the most familiar way to them.”

Fiona Dwyer, CEO Solace Women’s Aid, said:

“We need to ensure we have the most secure and robust systems in place to protect all every woman we serve.   No woman or child should ever have to needless repeat information that they have already shared.  This technology will enable our staff to access and share the information they need, anytime, anywhere securely”

For more information on the campaign please contact Jessie at [email protected]