Solace is staying COVID-19 Secure in 2020

Throughout the Covid-19 period, Solace has been continuing to deliver our services, at a time when demand has increased.  We have planned how to do this in the safest possible way, safeguarding the health and wellbeing of everyone who uses and provides our services and is affected by our work.  This has required changes in the way we deliver our support to those who need it and the way that we work.  Some of our teams have continued to provide an in-person service, whilst a lot of our services, both front line and the work of our colleagues who support this work has been carried out in a more remote way.  We have also opened new services to respond to the emergency.  We provide many different service types from different locations and some of these are delivered in partnership with others.

As we move to restrictions easing, this again changes the way we carry out our work.  As part of this, we have conducted a Covid-Secure Risk Assessment (CSRA) of every part of our organisation, recording how we currently work safely and how we will move to the next stage once Government Guidance tells us it is safe and appropriate for more people to return to their usual place of work.  This is a complex exercise as we have many services that meet the different needs of those we work with.  An important part of this is continued consultation with staff on how best we continue to provide a safe service.  Our risk assessments are underpinned by a Business Continuity Plan that is reviewed at least weekly and wherever required as changes again happen more quickly easing out of the lockdown period.

Due to the number of these CSRA documents and the sensitive nature of our work, we are not publishing these on our website.  However we are sharing these with our partners, hosts, service commissioners and landlords as well as our external health and safety quality assurer.  Solace also continues to contribute to the plans of our partners where we are co-located or hosted within another building or service.  In the spirit of co-operation and transparency, Solace will also work with partner and sister organisations to support their safe return to workplaces.

Covid Secure Poster