Volunteering on the Advice line

My name is Junivia and I am a university student from America. I volunteered at Solace for three months as part of an Internship programme and found it to be one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

I joined the advice team, working on the helpline as a caseworker to take calls, provide emotional support and signposting to survivors of abuse.  Everyone in the team I worked with was kind and always open to support me when I needed it. These last few months have taught me so much, in part due to the wonderful training sessions that helped me  perform better in my role.

I found that Solace invest in their volunteers just as much as full time staff in a bid to maximise the skills and experience in the sector.


This experience really helped me to develop a whole range of skills including relationship-building, organisational, communication, and problem-solving abilities. I am looking to pursue a career in neuropsychology where I will deal with patients who have disabilities. At Solace I had the invaluable opportunity to learn how to ask the right questions, evaluate cases and come to appropriate solutions.

This role has helped me understand how important empathy and emotional support is necessary when dealing with someone’s needs. It is not just about having the right answer to their problem but looking at how we treat them in the process of finding that answer. 

I am so happy to have been a part of an organisation that supports and uplifts women and helps them when they need it most. Solace made me feel like I was part of a family and I’ll forever be thankful! If you have the opportunity to volunteer do take it, you won’t look back.

At Solace we couldn’t support over 16,000 women and children each year without the time, energy and compassion of our volunteers. Visit our volunteering page to learn more about current vacancies.