Women to get new support for challenges exacerbated by Covid-19 pandemic as Labyrinth Project launched

From April, women and women’s organisations in eight areas will be able to get much needed additional support to navigate the challenges they face including on violence against women and girls, legal issues, debt/finance and getting back into employment.  

As Covid-19 restrictions continue to loosen throughout the Spring, it is clear that the impact of the pandemic will continue for months and years. In the public outpouring following the tragic murder of Sarah Everard we have seen that so many women & girls' lives are affected by violence and we know that they are also being disproportionately impacted by the pandemic.  

With partners across England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, the Labyrinth Project will support women’s centres, women’s groups and networks to help them, and the women they support, to emerge stronger from the damage that the Covid-19 pandemic is having on their lives.   

Women’s organisations will be able to bid for new funding through an Empowering Women Fund in the Spring. For organisations in the eight local areas they will be able to access training and capacity building to ensure that they have the resources and knowledge to support women to recover from dual pandemics of violence against women & girls and Covid-19.  

Fiona Dwyer, Solace CEO, who are leading the Labyrinth Project partnership said:  

“In the last twelve months of the pandemic, Solace has seen an increase in the volume of women seeking our help to navigate the complex challenges they face, and this is only likely to increase as restrictions loosen.  

The Labyrinth Project will play a crucial role in supporting women and women’s organisations as society begins the long road to recovery from the impact of Covid-19.  

By working with partners across England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, Solace and the Labyrinth Project will be able to reach thousands of women across the country to empower them and kick-start their recovery.”  

Minister for Civil Society, Baroness Barran, said: 

"Vulnerable women and girls need our support more than ever in this difficult year, and these grants will help keep vital services going for thousands across the country.” 

If you are an organisation supporting women in one of the eight local areas, you can contact [email protected] to find out more about how the Labyrinth Project can support you and women in your area.   

Our partner organisations 

The Labyrinth Project will support women and women’s organisations in eight areas:  

Support for women and women’s organisation will be given by specialist organisations EquationRights of WomenScottish Women’s Rights CentreSurviving Economic Abuse and Working Chance