Bexley See Change Programme

The See Change Project is a new service for Bexley that works, primarily, with men concerned that their behaviour towards their female partner is abusive. We aim to increase safety for victims and children by supporting men in changing their behaviour, addressing their own experiences of masculinity and helping them to become accountable and responsible for their behaviours.

We offer a 26-week group-based intervention based upon the “Three Pillar Model” of intervention that seeks to address Risk, Understanding & Behaviour Change through a psycho-educative approach; alongside a supplementary 1-2-1 intervention, underpinned by group work, that gives men the chance to explore their own histories and restore agency in their lives by helping them explore how those experiences support abuse.

The project also offers parallel support services for victims/survivors of those attending See Change and an extended recovery group for men who have completed the See Change programme. Bespoke, 1-2-1 services are also available for clients worried about their behaviour towards a partner but who fall outside the type of relationship described above.

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