Children's Creative Therapies

Creative therapies are available to children and young people from the age 4+ affected by domestic or sexual violence at some point in their life. 

Through art making, play, drama and talking, the child and the therapist work together to make sense of the child’s difficulties and offer a safe and contained space where the child can express her/ his thoughts and feelings.

The aim of creative therapy is to help the child or young person develop a better understanding of their feelings regarding their current situation and experience of domestic violence. They learn they are not to blame for the abuse and improve their self esteem.

Referral Criteria

  • The preparator can no longer be living with the family or be in a relationship with a mother/carer. 
  • Children need to be living in a safe and stable enough environment before beginning therapy. 
  • Any unsupervised and supervised contact with the preparator must be deemed to be safe. 

The waiting list has now been opened for new referrals.  If you have any queries or would like to make a referral, please get in touch on [email protected]

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