Solace Domestic Violence Perpetrator Programme

Solace Domestic Violence Perpetrator Program (DVPP) is a programme for men who have had some history of being violent or abusive towards a partner and want support changing this behaviour. It is a group based programme that runs for 26 weeks. Each session lasts 2.5 hours and takes place in the evening. The main object of the programme is to increase safety for victims and children. The programme is psycho-educative in approach. As such it draws upon multi-disciplinary learning from a range of sources including Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT); Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT); and motivational interviewing techniques; combined with teaching from talking type therapies. Groups cover a range of different topics which are designed to challenge the use of domestic violence and beliefs that support this behaviour; while at the same time increasing understanding, empathy and accountability. As such, the “golden threads” that run through the programme focus on:

  • Helping the group to understand and challenge their use of violence
  • Exploration of how masculinity may support abuse
  • Sexual behaviour in the context of domestic violence
  •  Understanding the effects of violence upon parenting & children
  • Examining the effects of abuse upon partners Underpinning this is an understanding that domestic abuse is a systematic pattern of behaviour, which is learned and has an intent. As such the person perpetrating the abuse is 100% responsible for their behaviour.


Before attending the group clients are offered a 1-2-1 assessment to assess their programme suitability and examine any issues of risk that may be apparent. Broadly, in order to be suitable for the programme, clients need to make some disclosure around their use of domestic violence, demonstrate some understanding that their use of violence wasn’t ok and have some level of empathy for the person(s) they have hurt. This assessment takes approximately 2 hours.

Additionally, before going onto the programme they will also need to complete a 2-session group orientation process to prepare them for the main group. This will be explained to them during the assessment. Referral process: Any adult male can refer himself to the programme by simply calling Solace DVPP on 07500 058 135. However, if he has children which are subject to a Child Protection (CP) plan, the referral needs to come from the social worker and they need to discuss this with the DVPP coordinator before referring on the above number. This is so the case can be discussed in terms of appropriateness & agreed levels of reporting. (Please note that there are limited resources to deal with cases at this level and additional spot purchasing of services may be required.)

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