Solace in Southwark (SASS)


If you have experienced domestic or sexual violence/abuse then this service is for you. SASS provides a proactive and responsive service to survivor 16+ across all levels of risk. We work flexibly to meet the variable and challenging support needs of our service users and their children. We will work with you from the point of crisis to:

  • Assess your risk level 
  • Develop a safety plan
  • Discuss the range of suitable options open to you
  • Offer short to medium term support to put you on the path to long term safety
  •  Advocate on your behalf
  • Enable you to engage with other relevant services and agencies
  • Provide advice and support around safety
  • Provide advice and support in relation to proceedings in the criminal justice and civil court system.
  •  Implement safety plans to address immediate safety which include practical steps to protect you and your children.
  • Offer opportunities to receive group support SASS is accessible and responsive to the needs of all communities in Southwark irrespective of your risk level, ethnicity, gender, religion or sexuality. 

SASS will address your needs and the needs of your children through a combination of advice, advocacy and housing related support to put you on the path of long term safety. We will support you for up to 3 months but if you require support for a longer period then this can be reviewed.

SASS will work with partner agencies to manage your risk, support you and advocate on your behalf. Should your case be high risk and referred to the local MARAC in Southwark SASS will ensure that your voice is heard and will advocate robustly on your behalf.

SASS will support and help you to rebuild your self-esteem and increase your self-confidence, respect your individual choices and ensure that you are supported effectively. SASS will help you to access local services and activities in all sectors of the community. SASS will help you to take practical steps to protect you and your children.

Group work 

We run a number of group work programmes for survivors of abuse currently residing in Southwark. The groups provide emotional support to survivors of domestic abuse as well as empowering them, by helping them to understand what has happened, possible causes and ways to move forward from their experiences.

All participants for groups must be 18+ and live in Southwark. At present due to COVID restrictions, we are delivering groups online so participants must have access to a laptop/internet and have a private, safe space where they can talk openly without the risk of children or the perpetrator overhearing their conversation.

The purpose of the groups

The groups were designed as a way to emotionally support survivors of domestic abuse and their children as well as empower them, by helping them to understand what has happened, possible causes and ways to move forward from their experiences.

The groups therefore are not to assess survivor’s knowledge about domestic abuse or blame them for the abuse in any way.

As a result, the groups are confidential (unless there is a concern about risk) and facilitators would not disclose what is discussed in the groups or level of SU engagement to external agencies, however we can disclose whether or not an SU has attended if asked.

Referral process

Service users can either refer themselves onto the Groups programmes by calling 020 7593 1290 or emailing [email protected]

Housing Independent Domestic Violence Advisor (IDVA)

Primary purpose of the housing IDVA:

Providing a drop in service that assesses survivors not open to SASS team who are presenting as homeless as a result of domestic abuse. Within this service the Housing IDVA will liaise with housing, advocating for the survivor to get TA, and referring them on for specialist DV support (either with SASS or in their new borough).

IRIS Services

IRIS Services works in partnership with GP Surgeries and offer tailored training on the public health issue of Domestic Violence & Abuse (DVA). This service enables support to be offered to DVA victims at an early stage, before the abuse becomes a serious risk to mental, emotional and physical health.

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