Specialist Bangladeshi Advocate in City of London

The Specialist Bangladeshi Advocate provides free, confidential & specialist support for the Bangladeshi community, aged 16+, in the City of London.

The Specialist Advocate will be able to:

  • Risk assess
  • Work with you to develop a safety and support plan to address immediate safety and longer term support needs
  • Provide advice and support
  • Advocate on your behalf
  • Deliver tailored groups to service users around a range of topics
  • Deliver training to professionals

Referral process

Service users can refer themselves by calling 0203 795 5067 or emailing cityoflondon@solacewomensaid.org.

A referral can also be made by a professional, please request the referral form by emailing cityoflondon@solacewomensaid.org. Please note the service user needs to have consented to the referral.



0203 795 5067

Opening hours

Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm

Additional information

Service audience

Women, Young women

Service provides


Service available in these London boroughs

Available across all London boroughs