Scruff's Story

Scruff,a  dog who was forced to leave his family after abuse

Scruff was forced to leave his home and his family behind when they were affected by abuse. Here is his story.  

Scruff loved being Harry’s best friend. They were always playing together, but sometimes the play had to stop and they had to hide under the bed.  Scruff would never leave Harry’s side when the shouting started. 

6 months ago Harry and Jess left suddenly. Scruff was taken into care by a volunteer and felt bewildered and lost, thinking that they would never play in the park together, that he would never see his family again. 

Solace are dedicated to making sure women and children feel safe and whole again after experiencing abuse and that includes making sure much loved pets are looked after too.  

This Christmas Scruff, Jess and Harry are #Reunited. Bringing families back together is what we do. 

Donate now to support families like Scruff’s recover from abuse.

*Solace don’t work directly with animals. We thank the many charities and volunteers who help us look after pets when their owners have to find safety, it gives them peace of mind to know they are being cared for and they will be there when they are able to care for them again.