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One in three teenage girls has experienced some form of sexual violence from a partner. Group work can help understand the issue and make sure your friends don't experience it. 

Research project, Boys to Men, found that 49% of boys and 33% of girls aged 13 – 14 thought that hitting a partner would be ‘okay’ in at least one of twelve scenarios they were presented with.

Violence against women and girls (VAWG) affects communities everywhere. Learning about why VAWG happens and what healthy relationships look like is important for young people of all genders. All young people experience expectations based on their gender and are vulnerable to abuse if they don’t live up to certain stereotypes, especially in relationships. We know that gaining knowledge, learning to recognise unhealthy behaviours and attitudes and having a safe space to raise concerns is the first step to ending violence. We want to ensure all young people can live full, happy and healthy lives.

Solace offers young people the opportunity to learn more about VAWG, gender inequality and healthy relationships in various different group settings.

Learn more by exploring two of our youth-led projects:

POW stands for Protect Our Women, a name chosen and owned by young people in Haringey, in consultation with Solace Women’s Aid.

The POW project is an interactive educational training programme focused on raising awareness of the 8 strands of violence against women and girls (VAWG).

POW usually takes place over ten weeks, including introduction and closing sessions. The topics POW covers are:
• Domestic abuse
• Sexual violence
• Stalking
• Violence against Women and Girls & the Media
• Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)
• Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
• Forced marriage
• ‘Honour’-based violence (HBV)

At the end of the POW project, young people are given an opportunity to gain a Level 2 AQA award in ‘Understanding the different strands of VAWG’. There is also the opportunity to become a POW Champion and help to facilitate the project in the future.

“The course exceeded my expectations- I found it thoroughly interesting and am now confident when discussing struggles faced by women.” –Young person who took part in POW in 2017

If you would like POW to come to your school, college or community group, speak to your Head of Year, and ask them to contact Saša Onyango [email protected] or phone on 07500 115761.

Our ten-week Hear2Change group work programme aims to empower young people to speak out against violence against women and girls (VAWG).

Delivered in a safe space, using interactive participatory activities that allow you to lead discussions and support each other, the programme will develop your confidence to challenge gender stereotypes, support healthy relationships and change harmful attitudes in your communities.

This programme will build your self-esteem, support you to plan for your safety and inspire you to take action.

By completing this group work you can become a Leader4Change and run a campaign in your community!

Hear2Change group work is currently being delivered in the following schools and colleges in Haringey & Islington:

  • Haringey Sixth Form
  • Arts & Media School, Islington
  • Alexandra Park School, Haringey

If you would like Hear2Change to come to your school, college or community group, speak to your Head of Year, and ask them to contact Saša Onyango [email protected] or phone on 07500 115761.

If Hear2Change isn’t in your school or college, you can sign up to one of our open programmes. These are currently due to take place in:

  • Bruce Grove Youth Space, Haringey: Dates TBC
  • Mary’s Youth Club, Islington: Dates TBC

Whatsapp Saša Onyango 07500 115761 to sign up!

Before the programme, 64% of young people didn’t feel confident to speak to their friends and family about VAWG. By the end of the programme, 82% of young people felt confident to speak out against VAWG with their family and friends.

Do you want to speak out and be heard?

Hear2Change is a violence against women and girls (VAWG) prevention project.

We’re building a collective of young people across Haringey & Islington speaking out against violence in their communities.

This summer is your chance to develop the knowledge and skills to create a campaign, promoting healthy relationships and speaking out for your rights.

Fun and interactive workshops are taking place at Bruce Grove Youth Space on:

My identity: Gender stereotypes & expectations: 14th Aug – 2-4pm

Me in relationships: Consent, my rights and healthy relationships: 15th Aug – 2-4pm

Me in my community: Creating my campaign: 16th Aug – 2-4pm

To join you can contact Saša Onyango [email protected] or phone on 07500 115761 for more info. Or just turn up!

ALL young people, aged 13-21 are welcome!

We can’t wait for you to join us!

Bruce Grove Youth Centre
10 Bruce Grove
N17 6RA