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Every school is different. We ensure every member of your school community is involved. 

Solace works in schools and colleges all over Haringey & Islington. This means that we try to ensure all members of the school community are involved in our work. For example, we will not only deliver workshops with you, the young people, but we will also train your school staff and deliver assemblies to all of the students across the school.

We believe this approach is important to ensuring everyone is committed in the same way to ending violence against women and girls (VAWG) and creating a gender equal school environment. We know schools are already doing amazing work, and we want to help them get even better at ensuring every single pupil has the same opportunities to grow and thrive, free from violence and the fear of violence.

If you’re not sure whether or not we’re in your school, why don’t you speak to your Head of Year, or the staff member in charge of your PSHE? If we’re not in your school, your teacher or Head of Year can contact us on the information below. We would love to become part of your community!

Encourage your school to get in touch with Sasa Onyango at 07500 115 761 or by email.

Find out more about our projects in schools by exploring them below

Hear2Change is a violence against women and girls (VAWG) prevention project. We’re building a collective of young people across Haringey & Islington speaking out against violence in their communities.

Hear2Change includes:
• A ten-week educational group work programme in schools, colleges and community groups 
• A steering group of young women aged 13—21
• Tailored and person-centred one-to-one support in case young people in your school have experienced, or are experiencing domestic violence in their lives. 
• The opportunity for you to become a Leader4Change and devise and deliver community campaigns. Getting involved with their community changing attitudes towards VAWG in the future.

Before the Hear2Change group work programme, 64% of young people didn’t feel confident to speak to their friends and family about VAWG. By the end of the programme, 82% of young people felt confident to speak out against VAWG with their family and friends.

Follow the links above to find out more about each aspect of Hear2Change.

If you would like Hear2Change to come to your school, college or community group, speak to your Head of Year, and ask them to contact Saša Onyango on 07500 115761 or email her below.

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Invite POW into your school to change attitudes about violence against women and girls

POW is a name chosen and owned by young people in Haringey with Solace Women’s Aid.

The POW project is an interactive educational training programme focused on raising awareness of the 8 strands of violence against women and girls (VAWG).

POW usually takes place over ten weeks, including introduction and closing sessions. The topics POW covers are:
• Domestic abuse
• Sexual violence
• Stalking
• Violence against Women and Girls & the Media
• Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)
• Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
• Forced marriage
• ‘Honour’-based violence (HBV)

At the end of the POW project, young people are given an opportunity to gain a Level 2 AQA award in ‘Understanding the different strands of VAWG’. There is also the opportunity to become a POW Champion and help to facilitate the project in the future.

“The course exceeded my expectations- I found it thoroughly interesting and am now confident when discussing struggles faced by women.” –Young person who took part in POW in 2017

If you would like POW to come to your school, college or community group, speak to your Head of Year, and ask them to contact Saša Onyango on 07500 115761 or email by clicking below.

Email Sasa to talk about POW