Our partnerships

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Working together in partnership

Partnership working is central to our approach to provide a comprehensive range of specialist support to meet the needs of women and children. Our achievements could not have been so successful without building our partnerships – not just with other domestic abuse organisations but across the voluntary and statutory sectors.

Some of our best work has been achieved by working collaboratively and in partnership with other organisations both big and small. We recognise that violence against women is complex and that partnerships and collaborative working are crucial to recognise and ensure nuanced approaches are taken to work towards ending it. We acknowledge that we are only one organisation and so must work collaboratively with partners to greater effect change in the lives of survivors of all forms of violence against women and girls, developing a robust coordinated community response. By working together, we can harness our joint and complementary expertise to support our staff, volunteers, partners and, most importantly, the survivors we work with.

We prioritise partnerships with others who work within diverse communities, to strengthen our intersectional feminist approach and ensure our work is informed by diverse practice expertise as well as the lived experience of all women. By working together and collaborating we can ensure that the specialist sector can continue to provide life-saving work to all survivors.

We will ensure that the most hidden women, including those with learning disabilities, homeless, older women, black and minoritized women and disabled women are supported through tailored approaches delivered in partnership with other specialist organisations.

Our current partnership projects include:

We also work in partnership with organisations to co-locate staff and to support local women’s groups and community groups who understand the needs of the women in their area.

We will ensure that we take a light touch and proportionate approach to due diligence of potential partners and help to build the capacity of organisations we work with, where possible.

Are you interested in working in partnership with Solace?

We are always keen to hear from organisations who might want to work with us as we believe that together we can do more. We are particularly keen to work with organisations who support women, children and young people from diverse cultural backgrounds, working intersectionally, across all protected characteristics; as well as organisations who work in housing, health, education and care sectors and those tackling exclusion and poverty.

If you are interested in partnership with Solace, contact us on partnerships@solacewomensaid.org