Scared woman sitting outside on steps

Solace Multiple Disadvantage

Providing specialist, tailored services for women experiencing multiple disadvantage.

We support women who face multiple issues in their lives, which can include significant mental health and/or problematic substance use, exiting prostitution, potential involvement in the Criminal Justice system leading to additional barriers in finding and maintaining housing and/or No Recourse to Public Funds.

Our specialist multiple disadvantage refuge in Camden offers 24-hour support to women with mental health needs and problematic substance use.

The Women’s Safe Engagement and Recovery (WiSER) project targets women who find it very hard to access/engage with support and who are facing severe and multiple disadvantage. The project is delivered in partnership with Against Violence and Abuse (AVA), SHP, Hopscotch, IMECE Women’s Centre, NIA and IKWRO and Ashiana using assertive outreach in trauma and psychologically informed way.

Our Housing First Projects in Islington and Westminster also support women experiencing multiple disadvantage. 

“Overall, Solace has been great. They made me feel safe. The are my world.”

A Survivor

Solace Multiple Disadvantage services