Forced Marriage and Survivors Rights in Scotland (Translations Available)

This video series and factsheet are designed to give survivors in Scotland information on forced marriage and their rights.

English Videos: Forced Marriage – Information for survivors (English) – YouTube

English Factsheet: Forced Marriage ENGLISH (

Arabic الفيديوات :  

الزواج القسري – Information for Survivors – YouTube

Arabic صحيفة وقائع:  

Forced-Marriage-factsheet ARABIC (

French Vidéos: Mariage forcé – Information for Survivors – YouTube

French Fiche d’information: Forced-Marriage-factsheet FRENCH (

Lingala Videos: Libala ya forcé – Information for Survivors – YouTube

Lingala Factsheet: Forced-Marriage-factsheet LINGALA (

Swahili Videos: Ndoa ya Kulazimishwa – Information for Survivors – YouTube

Swahili Karatasi ya ukweli: Forced-Marriage-factsheet SWAHILI (

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