Gender-Based Violence, Brexit And Your Rights in Scotland (Translations Available)

This video series and factsheet are designed to give immigrant survivors in Scotland information on Brexit and their rights.

English Videos: GBV, Immigration & Brexit – YouTube

English Factsheet: Brexit Factsheets (

French Videos: GBV, Immigration & Brexit – français – YouTube

French Factsheet: french_brexit_factsheets_2.pdf (

Italian Videos: GBV, Immigration & Brexit – italiano – YouTube

Italian Factsheet: italian_brexit_factsheets_2.pdf (

Polish Videos: GBV, Immigration & Brexit – polski – YouTube

Polish Factsheet: polish_brexit_factsheets_2.pdf (

Portuguese Factsheet: portuguese_brexit_factsheets_2.pdf (

Romanian Factsheet: romanian_brexit_factsheets_2.pdf (

Slovakian Videos: GBV, Immigration & Brexit – slovenčina – YouTube

Slovakian Factsheet: slovak_brexit_factsheets_2_sk.pdf (

Spanish Videos:  GBV, Immigration & Brexit – español – YouTube

Spanish Factsheet:  Brexit Factsheets (

Scottish Women’s Rights Centre


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