Labyrinth Project Evaluation Report

Women often have a range of issues in their lives including violence and abuse, financial, employment and legal issues, but it can be hard for them to access the support they need across multiple agencies and there is a lack of joined-up, holistic, womencentred services. Many groups and organisations are doing good work with and for women, but many are small and are not well-connected or supported.

The Labyrinth Project aimed to an contribute to change by building capacity, forging stronger networks of support and sharing learning locally and nationally. This was fostered on a local level by mapping the support currently available, building connections and increasing the influence of the women’s sector on local strategy and decision making. The project also developed the capacity of groups and organisations through a grants programme and through training, information and access to specialist expertise. Nationally, Labyrinth contributed to a stronger, better connected and more inclusive women’s sector by developing a Women’s Centre of Excellence to share knowledge, learning and best practice.



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