Communications and campaigns

Our work so far  

  • Accessible resources for our services – We want our materials to be accessible in different languages and the languages that reflect London’s vast and expansive multiculturalism. We have recently added a widget called Recite Me to our website so that it is accessible in more than 100 languages and text can be changed to be more accessible and more user friendly for people who are neurodiverse. Where possible we add subtitles to any videos that we use and have additional descriptions of images on our social media. We are looking into Eazy Read which is an approved format to provide accessible information for people with learning disabilities. We use RNIB approved fonts and aim to include materials in large print that are accessible to people with sight impairments.   
  • Involving Black and minoritised women’s organisations in decision making – When Solace is part of national and local strategic partnerships, forums or meetings, we will seek to challenge when there is not representation from organisations working ‘by and for’ Black and minoritised women.  

Current focus 

Campaigning for change – In our public affairs and campaigning work we commit to ensuring that we consider the differential impacts of policy proposals on Black and Minoritised women and others facing intersecting oppressions, as well as whether their particular needs are reflected in our policy positions. We commit to working in collaboration with ‘by and for’ organisations on support for migrant victims and the need for multi-year sustainable funding with protected allocations for services run by and for Black and Minoritised women, Deaf and disabled women, and LGBTQ+ survivors. 

Fundraising materials – We are reviewing all our fundraising events and materials to ensure they meet accessibility, equality, and diversity standards (as well as reduce language barriers). We will create a “script” of questions around the nine protected characteristics, to be checked against before we sign up to any fundraising challenges run by third parties such as, for example, sponsored running events.