Every Child Safe

At Solace, we’re building safer futures for children and young people.

We’ve seen a dramatic rise in domestic abuse since lockdown. School closures have also meant children have lost a vital support system. Homes with domestic violence are likely to see a 45%-60% increased risk of child abuse (Psychology Today). 52% of children will develop behavioural problems and they are 14 times more likely to experience depression (Hughes 2017). For children that flee abuse they will have a variety of long-term and short-term needs to recover from the trauma they have experienced.

Every child deserves to be safe at home. That’s why we’re partnering with The Childhood Trust to secure match-funding for donations made between midday Tuesday 23rd June – Midday 30th June. Every donation made during this week, will be doubled! Helping us reach even more children who need us. 

Here are just two stories of the hundreds of families we’ve supported during lockdown. Support us today to make sure every child can #StaySafeAtHome. 

Tillie’s Story 

I had to leave my school quickly last year, I finally had started at a new one when lockdown was announced.  

I had just started making friends and settling in to a new school in a new part of London when lockdown was announced. When we had to flee my old home, we had to leave everything behind. School told us to use our laptops to study, but we didn’t have one at home. I was trying to do everything on my mums phone.  

Solace got me a new laptop which meant I could talk to my teachers and do all my school work, it means I am not scared that I will be even more behind then I was.  

Thank you Solace for making it possible.  

Margaret’s Story

How would you cope in temporary accommodation with 2 children with learning difficulties during lockdown?  

We had just fled abuse when lockdown was announced. I was stuck in one room with a son with ADHD and another autism. Without Solace I would have had no support.  

My family and community had disowned me for fleeing my abusive husband, but I couldn’t keep my children safe.  

I wasn’t sure how we would cope in lockdown. We were just starting our new life. Solace got us toys and a climbing frame for the small outdoor space we share, things for the boys to do.  

Thank you Solace. 

*Names have been changed to protect their identities. 

Donations made through The Big Give for Solace from 23rd June – 30th June will be doubled! 

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