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Our new campaign, ‘Some Women Leave with Nothing, Your Donation is Everything’ is asking for a donation of £20 that could go towards a starter pack of vital supplies, such as toiletries for women and children arriving at our refuges or a therapy session or a taxi to a safe place at a time of crisis.  

We know this is a difficult time for many people, the rapid increase in the cost of living impacts on everyone, but particularly single mothers, and we know that fear about financial security can often be a reason that women stay in abusive relationships, which is why we are asking for a simple one off donation. We are asking for £20 donations that could pay for the vital supplies, that mean everything to a woman arriving at our services with nothing. We are calling on everyone to come together to support survivors of domestic abuse, to give everything to a woman who left with nothing. 
Violence against women and girls is an epidemic and a woman is killed every three days in the UK by a current or ex-partner, a further four women a week take their own lives as a result of the trauma of abuse.  

Solace supported nearly 30,000 women last year through a range of services, from our advice helpline to therapeutic support, rape crisis and safe accommodation.