Talk To Freya

Are you feeling scared in your relationship, or something doesn’t feel right? Are you worried about a friend or a family member or are you a professional looking for information to best support your clients? 

We are here for you 24 hours – day or night to help you find the advice and support you need. If you are in immediate danger, contact the police on 999. Freya can help you by providing advice and support with:

  • Understanding domestic abuse and sexual violence
  • Where to get help: our services, helpline numbers and other support services
  • Improving your safety: safety planning if you are planning to leave, safety staying safe online and safety after the relationship has ended
  • Emotional support, children and parenting, housing and homelessness
  • Immigration, No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF), finances and welfare benefits

We listen. We believe. We never judge. 

  • We know how hard it is to talk to someone if you are feeling scared in your relationship, but we listen and we never judge. 
  • Our Chatbot is anonymous and confidential
  • We provide safe advice for you and your children – you are not alone.