Great Books for World Book Day

For world book day, we’ve compiled a list of 5 books from women who have created great bodies of work with women at the helms of their stories


1. Girl woman other, by Bernadine Evaristo

The book brilliantly explores how women from different walks of life can still be intertwined in a special way


2. The song of truth by Mary Wride

One of our supporter wrote this book on her childhood experience of abuse. Using fairy-tale and poetry she takes us on a fascinating journey to unlock her hidden fears, discover her inner strength, and find freedom and healing.⁣


3. No Visible bruises by Rachel Louise Snyder 

No Visible Bruises centres around domestic violence as well as busting some of the myths surrounding it. 


4. Queenie by Canace Carty Williams

The story follows Queenie in a somewhat comedic journey through life in her twenties, going through a (debatably) devastating break up, issues of race, and and family, you’ll find yourself bewildered by her and her decisions, but rooting for her all the same


5.The Secrets of My Ukulele by Onajite Clarke

This beautiful collection of poems by Onajite Clarke covers a range of themes one of which being love 


Special shout out for Young Adults  

The children of Blood and Bone series by Tomi Adeyemi

This brilliant YA novel fully immerses the reader in a world where magic pumps through the veins of a nation. The main character, Zelie, is a beautifully created character and Tomi Adeyemi has you gripped to the characters journey the entire time.