Istanbul Convention – email your MP


We’re deeply disappointed to see that the Government has decided to opt out of a key part of the Istanbul Convention that provides support and protections for migrant women. 

Solace are part of the IC Change UK Parliamentary Photocall to call for ratification of the #IstanbulConvention without reservations to protect ALL women from violence.

We need your help to ensure as many MPs as possible attend the event on 8 June. The more MPs that attend, the more chance there is of the Government taking action. Write to your MP now to ask them to support:

Email or write a letter to your MP inviting them to attend the Parliamentary Photocall

  1. Find your MP and their email or postal address via the Parliament website by typing in your postcode.
  2. Download the MP email/letter template [Docx, 124kb] to help you get started, but do add your own twist to personalise it. The more you can talk from the heart and personalise your message, the more impact your words will have.
  3. To stand out more, write a handwritten letter using the text or your own (if you are able to post it).
  4. Send that email or letter to show your support for women and girls across the UK!

After emailing/writing to your MP

If you’ve written to your MP, you can help spread awareness on social media. Here is a sample Tweet and ‘Invite your MP’ supporting image you can use:

  • I’ve just asked my MP to attend the @ICChangeUK Parliamentary Photocall with @SolaceWomensAid to call on the Gov to ratify the #IstanbulConvention without reservations to protect ALL women from violence . Could you ask yours? #AllWomenMeansAllWomen

Tweet or tag your MP