Our Service Users

Service user involvement

We have an organisation wide service user involvement strategy, this includes both organisation wide activities and a local delivery plan for each service. As part of this, we will seek to identify and remove any barriers to involvement for Black and Minoritised service users, and those with other protected characteristics. We are also monitoring the data we hold on the characteristics of our service users to assess any significant changes, particularly on levels of access by Black and Minoritised service users. A key part of the strategy is to develop our ambassador programme for current and former service users who are interested in being part of communication campaigns, doing public speaking, and engaging with politicians and media to ensure their voice is heard. We now have a number of media trained Survivor Ambassadors.

Accessible resources for our services

We want our materials to be accessible in different languages and the languages that reflect London’s vast and expansive multiculturalism. We have recently added a widget called Recite Me to our website so that it is accessible in more than 100 languages and text can be changed to be more accessible and more user friendly for people who are neurodiverse. Where possible, we add subtitles to any videos that we use and have additional descriptions of images on our social media. We use RNIB approved fonts and aim to include materials in large print that are accessible to people with sight impairments.