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“My attitude has changed. It sounds a bit bad but previously there were sometimes on the back of my head questions about why is she still with him. Those would not happen now. I understand better the dynamics and the dangers involved.”

VAWG is one of the priority training areas for Islington Council staff and partners. Islington council wanted to invest resources to ensure trauma informed response to VAWG is embedded in our practice.

London Borough of Islington have a really positive relationship, longstanding relationship with Solace working together and the feedback from participants previously attending Solace training was always extremely positive, so we felt confident in picking them as a training provider.

The training itself was a real eye opener. The actual figures on DVA incidences- they were shocking. However, I feel like I have got a better awareness about the organisations to refer to and more knowledge of what they do and how they support survivors. I am more confident to make referrals and discuss organisations. I have also developed more soft skills – how to respond and take disclosures on board and how to listen better to disclosures.

I highly recommend the training– I found the three-day training was so much better than shorter training with the context, in depth conversation and understanding of the issue.