Our work with the Islington Housing Repairs Team

Hear from our clients

“I feel that my staff now have increased their awareness of domestic abuse, and are able to relate to tenants with more confidence. All staff felt that the trainer was truly excellent in their approach and they enjoyed the dynamic nature of the training.”

In dealing with over 1000 repairs a week, we often come across residents who we suspect may be experiencing domestic abuse. Some of our staff talk to residents over the phone, and they reported that they were unsure what to do if they suspected abuse.  We booked this training with Solace to help our staff feel more confident in managing these calls.

The key things the staff took away from training included greater awareness of the many types of domestic abuse, the opportunities to discuss the situation, and some key techniques for how to respond to tenants experiencing abuse.

We know that reports of domestic violence have increased in the last 5 years. As council employees we have direct and indirect contact with residents and so are likely to come across DV situations in the context of our work. If our reporting of a DV situation improves things for an individual, that can only be a positive step.

“I would definitely recommend this training.”

Charmaine Brouard, Training Manager, Islington Housing Repairs Team