Our work with Islington Housing

Housing interior

“Trainers for Solace have a great approach to engaging with participants and keeping the sessions refreshingly vibrant and empowering for those attending.”

We work with a wide variety of people in housing, and we were aware that that those people-in this instance domestic violence survivors- could have more complex needs.

It was really important to us to enhance our team’s awareness of the issues experienced by our households affected by VAWG. We felt the best way to do this was by ensuring our staff have access to specialist DVA training by a recognised specialist DVA service, to not only enhance their knowledge of DVA, but also of the best practice when responding to DVA cases.

Solace are a recognised DVA provider who have provided various training sessions to housing staff and have recognised best practice principles for commissioning and designing training that will assist with improving Housing’s response to DVA – knowing this made them the sure choice for us.

The whole experience was incredibly helpful to staff not to mention enlightening. We developed our learning in: Perp Management, DASH RIC Training and understanding the risks associated with stalking and harassment. The empathic and confidential approach to those disclosing in sessions ensured a safe and supportive space, whilst keeping sessions refreshingly vibrant and empowering.

The feedback from our staff demonstrated that they found the sessions had developed their understanding of best practice response to support tenants, colleagues and friends affected by DVA. We also found the sessions helped our approach to case managing DVA cases. Our team was left feeling very confident afterwards and recommended that other colleagues took part in the training.