Our work with Tower Hamlets Homes

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“Staff are definitely more aware of the topic and more curious about following up on concerns that they have. There is more confidence there when dealing with disclosures also.”

We’d had domestic abuse training before at Tower Hamlets Homes but were in need of a refresher. There was a general lack of enthusiasm for trainers we’d used so we opted for a new organisation to create more engagement.

We did a lot of research on which provider to use, and I got in touch with Solace as a part of that research. Solace came back with a plan and price that worked best for us.

During the sessions we learnt about the barriers which might prevent victims from leaving, which really hit home. The staff and I were also particularly affected by the statistics used as a part of the training and the sheer scale at which domestic abuse occurs.

The training was great – very informative and covered what was needed. It was also very engaging and encouraged interaction of staff meaning that it was more effective in getting the message across. The trainers also encouraged discussion and did not shy away from questions/topics that were raised by staff, whilst keeping the session very focused. Now, our staff are more confident in the knowledge they have.