Priyanka Devani

Priyanka is currently a Senior Director and Human Development Practice Lead at “Chemonics”, an international development. A teacher by background, Priyanka brings over 12 years of experience in policy and strategy development, programme delivery, and cultural change across the education, women’s rights and broader public sector.

In her role, she advises UK and overseas governments, charities, and sector institutions to design and deliver complex transformation programmes that involve educating more children, empowering women and girls, and protecting their health and rights. Through her own lived experiences, Priyanka has seen how violence affects women’s wellbeing and prevents access to opportunities that are fundamental to freedom. She has recently founded an organisation that provides creative arts therapy and support to marginalised children, women and families impacted by war and conflict.

Having worked in many countries, Priyanka is a strong advocate for equity, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace.

“Embracing our differences and working with cross-cultural teams presents opportunities for creativity, innovation and learning from others of diverse backgrounds.”