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This year, it was reported that three-quarters of women MPs choose not to voice their views on some topics on social media due to their fears of experiencing harassment online. Just last month, artist Billy Nomates asked for her set at Glastonbury to be removed due to online abuse. Actress and Singer, Keke Palmer, had her appearance policed by her partner online for the world to see. The barrage of sexist abuse trying to limit women’s lives seems endless.

From individual examples of celebrities that make headlines and noise on social media, to the ways that wider society ‘polices’ women and how it limits their behaviour in relationships, on the street and in the workplace, we want to shed light on both the blatant and insidious forms of sexism that are all part of the same narrative of coercive control. 

From not moving out of a man’s way on the street, to starting an all-women weightlifting club, women are constantly finding ways to take up the space that they are often denied.

Join the Conversation

We would love for you to share the ways in which you have used your voice and claimed space in the face of sexism. Knowing the ways in which you’ve become empowered may help other women to feel stronger and take up space themselves.

Share your experiences with us on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #ClaimYourSpace

You can also fill out the form here, which allows you to tell your story anonymously.

We’ll be sharing some of your responses on social media, as well as collecting them here – click on your stories below to see what we’ve shared so far.

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Claim Your Space is a new campaign by Solace, encouraging people to question the ways in which women are silenced, publicly shamed, and have their behaviour ‘policed’.

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