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Whether you’re a student, teacher or society rep, have a look at our Be The Difference brochure to get some initial ideas of how you can get involved with Solace.

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For Schools

Having conversations about equality, women’s rights, inclusion and healthy relationships from a young age is vital in the aim to end misogyny and violence. But starting these conversations can be challenging.

We’ve made a brief PowerPoint presentation with ideas on how to approach young people when discussing relationships, women’s rights and equality.


Fundraising is a great way to challenge your students in a number ways that can progress their employment skills. Event planning, time management, target-driven activities, organising a fundraiser can help them improve in all of these areas. It also allows your young people to focus on a local issue that affects many women in our community. Fundraising can give them a sense of connection to a cause and recognition of making life changing affects on someone.

Other Teachers Resources


  • Non-uniform day – Dress up as your favourite feminist icon
  • Bake sale
  • Playground protest and banner making session
  • Classroom movie session

Classroom Ideas

  • History – Feminism in the UK and take our quiz!​
  • English – Misogynistic undertones in famous plays and books​
  • Art – Exploring famous female artists
  • Geography – Women’s Rights movements around the world today
First Give

Get your class involved in social action for Solace by signing up to First Give. First Give invites multiple classes in your school to get involved in fundraising or awareness raising for a charity or cause of your choosing. Each class chooses how you want to get involved, what activities you want to participate in, and once the action stage is done, present your hard work to a panel of judges. The class who is judged to have the best action and presentation, will win £1000 to go towards the charity.

By signing your school up to First Give and selecting Solace as your chosen social cause, you can help spread awareness of an issue that affects 1 in 3 women. You can use your creativity by brain storming ideas, practice your organisation of events, and highlight your communication skills, all whilst supporting women and children across London.

Hear How Joe’s Class Got Involved

“I am a school teacher working in High Barnet. Through the discussion of high profile cases such as those of Sarah Everard and Child Q in form time, a small but articulate and determined group of students in my class have become very passionate about issues surrounding male violence against women. They were inspired to discover Solace Women’s Aid were operating in the local area and made a powerful presentation to their peers outlining the charity’s mission statement. Their words convinced the whole class to come together in support of Solace Women’s Aid and we are now planning a series of social actions designed to raise awareness and funds for the cause through First Give.”

Learn More About First Give

For Universities

Universities are a community of young thinkers and brilliant minds where all sorts of discussions can be had. We want to make sure that everyone in those communities feels safe, secure and knowledgeable about misogyny, consent and healthy relationships. If your society or student union is interested in doing an awareness campaign, please download and have a look at the PowerPoint presentation.


If you’re interested in hosting fundraising activities to support women in London, check out some amazing ways to fundraise during Women’s History month.

  • Society fundraising
  • Film screening
  • Campus clothes swap
  • Film Screening of ‘She Said’
  • Feminist Pub Quiz ​
  • Sports Matches  ​
  • Drag Queens and Kings Night ​
  • Sell Your Craft

Download Our Feminist Quiz

Why not take your fundraiser or awareness campaign even further by connecting with other societies and universities across the country. Solace support around 30,000 women and children every year across London, but the issue of violence against women and girls is global. Lets work together to end violence and create safe futures for everyone.

Want Training?

Our training team can provide insightful workshops to your group, whether it be an hour long lunchtime webinar, or a full day of consultancy on how your team can deliver training in the future. If you’re a teacher, student union representative or society member, you can get trained on a range of different topics in the way that suits you. These are just some of the training we offer:

  • Safer Societies
  • Being a Positive Bystander
  • Help a Friend
  • Recognising and Responding to Domestic Abuse
  • Leading Conversations About Consent
  • Stalking Awareness
Check out a campaign that our young people have been involved in

For more information on training options, please get in contact with us at

Download our Fundraising Certificate and show the world how you made a difference