Sofia’s Story

“I wasn’t ready the first time the police were called.  

My neighbour got involved when my ex-partner came to my house, holding a knife. He started punching and kicking me and interrogated my kids about if I had been seeing anyone else.  

My neighbour called the police, but I still thought it be better for my children if I didn’t get the police involved. But he didn’t get better. We were really scared, so after a few months I decided to pursue the case.  

However, the police kept cancelling on me and postponing the investigation. Someone referred me to Solace, and I got support with everything, which I so desperately needed. It was a struggle just to stay on top of things, I was in debt, isolated and depressed. 

Solace’s support and communication has been invaluable.

They have helped me through every decision. They have helped me so much, from finding a solicitor who can help to getting access to a food bank when it was really bad. And, they finally got the police to listen.  

The support of Maeve*, my caseworker, has changed my life. She treats me openly and without judgement.  

If my neighbour hadn’t made that call I may never have got into contact with Solace. They have made sure me and my children have all the support we need.”  


*all names have been changed 

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